all i ever do is draw damhnait

all i ever do is draw damhnait

I NEED YOUR HELP GUYS. Um so, if you were maybe wanting to own a talulla statue which pose would be um more eye catching I guess.


Well we love you too! - Anonymous


Shout out to all my new followers

I love you guys

Even more Talulla. I draw her too much. Anyway, just some doodles and ideas for a patch together figure I want to submit.

Some rushly done keegans

summore Orla

So, I’ve been trying to get a better design for Orla for awhile now and I think this is getting closer to what I want. Not the best drawing for sure, but I know where I want to go with it now

Some Talulla.


This one goes out to Ak, who decided to go home and be a family man!

Just one more track till the albums DONE DONE DONE!

Sorry for the lack of art lately, I’ll have something new up soon.  As a peace offering, music.

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